Our program

The retreat

In the retreat you’ll be immersed in a magical environment: where nature and comfort have been match to be perfectly balanced and bring you calm, and well-being.

The program

Daily start your day with physical activity :

  • pilates
  • yoga
  • functional movement class

The environment

Respectuous of mother earth :

All of our accommodations are eco-friendly partner villas & boutiques resorts : no waste.

The food

Our food is healthy, mainly grown from local organic garden. Any specific diet please specify.

Vegetarian and Vegan options offered.

What a day looks like

  • pilates session : morning and night - minimum 2-2,5 hours / day
  • 1 to 1 assessment by the instructor to define your needs and goals
  • relaxation / breathing, meditation time
  • free time to discover the island : sightseeing
  • organic local grown food - all diet options included
Last but not least you will be surrounded by exceptional environment in magical places on earth, revealing benefits of being immersed in a total communion of element.
Any Question ? Need more informations ? Feel free to contact us !