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Koh Samui Retreat

Our next retreat in Koh Samui is planned.

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Our Mission

Our purpose and reason of being is to bring people and practitioners to another level of well-being & consciousness of their health. Acquire and develop a sense of holistic health and wellness to live a life full of vitality with physical and mental potential fully developed.
The acquirement and enjoyment of physical well-being, mental calm and spiritual peace are priceless to their possessors
Joseph Pilates

Our Method

Through the right exercises with high precision, and right corrections we aim the development of your full potential.

Based on Pilates method and enriched by Jey’s ballerina background and her particular vision of human’s body mechanical : we develop a strong musculature, core strength and balanced to feel toned up from inside out.

Goal is to find health and well-being through movements and an holistic approach of healthy habits, and body’s awareness.

What we called today holistic approach and holistic wellbeing is not recent and has been preached for many years from Greek to ancient Indians.

It is nothing more than a global vision of being healthy. Acknowledging that healthy lifestyle does not resume to physical health and exercising, we decided to push the practice way beyond the studio and let people discover the benefits brought by a whole environment and lifestyle dedicated to balance and wellbeing. In the holistic approach the environment, nature, beaches, outdoor activities and calm, breathing, relaxing, as well as organic food and adapted Pilates exercises are key to find inner peace and global heath. pleasure of feeling healthy from inside out.

Holistic health & well-being is including a stable harmony of body, mind, and spirit functioning perfectly as a coordinated whole. That leads you to be active, energized, alert, and restored.

Holistic Approach


The Retreat

In the retreat you’ll be immersed in a magical environment : where nature and comfort have been match to be perfectly balanced and bring you calm, and well-being.

Every day start the day with Pilates class, healthy breakfast coming from local organic garden, and bonding time with the community of practitioners. In a lovely place – nearby by white sand beaches – you’ll be treated with Pilates classes, twice daily, 1-1 assessment by the instructor to define your needs and goals, relaxation/breathing, meditation time, free time to discover the island: sightseeing.

Last but not least you will be surrounded by exceptional environment in paradise places on earth, that reveals benefits of being immersed in a total communion of element.

Stay in Touch

Pilates retreats Thailand aims to provide the best pilates retreat experience in the paradise of Thailand with experienced pilates teachers.

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