Founder of the Retreat pioneer of Wellbeing in Shanghai.

Former ballerina Jey is a French Ballet Teacher and Pilates instructor teaching her method and knowledge worldwide, especially through Europe and Asia. Currently Based in China Shanghai.

She is the founder of Jeydancepilates Ltd company and co- founder of Belle Maternity program for women’s healthcare.

In the retreat Jey is bringing a challenging and precise practice to practitioners – well known in her class for attention, quality and methodology

Under Qualified and attentive guidance, Jey is using her knowledge of Pilates classical method and her twist inspired by Ballet background and body’s movement to help you achieve more and accompany your challenges during the retreats.

Acknowledging the importance of the right program for the right body Jey will use her extensive understanding ofanatomy, Pilates method and Ballet background to makesure everyone exceeds their expectations in the retreat andget the most benefit from it.

Most important that everyone feel safe and secure to exercise freely with no risk of injury and pain.

Private assessment for each participant at the beginning ofthe retreat to define your needs, your modifications and body’s specific requirements

Clients’ of Jey go to athletes, pre and postnatal women post-surgery rehab people, with a special emphasize on tailor-made programs for chronic pain and recovery, with functional movements.


Any issues or pathologies have to be specified before the retreat.


The Original Pilates ®
BASI Pilates (PMA)
Body’s Awareness anatomy
Functional & rehab training
Pelvic floor rehab & postnatal care

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