Why to go on a retreat ?

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That’s a good question. You are more and more numerous to be fed up of the “traditional holidays” where you end up even more tired and need one week to rest from.

So, you want to go for a “different” holiday and finally take care of yourself but you need this little extra push to understand why A Pilates & wellness retreat is for you.

1. It’s “You” Time

Take time for YOU doing a pilates retreat

You take care of everyone but yourself the whole year: husband, families, babies, children, friends, boyfriends, work colleagues. It’s finally all about you. A real moment for yourself with yourself, where everything is taken care of, you are surrounded by beauty, the program has been made up to fit the healthier needs. You just have to relax and let it embrace you. Good occasion to step away from stress, day to day routine and unhealthy habits. Thu time away from your day-to-day life will leave you rejuvenated, refreshed, cleaned up from inside out, not only physically but also emotionally and mentally. It’s a unique occasion to spend a little bit more quality time on a journey with a magical person : yourself.

2- Make Huge progresses

Have good time for you in a short time to make huge progresses on body and mind.

How many times do you exercise per week ? Even if you’re really athletic; 3,4 times a week ? Maximum and that’s without counting all the “non- planned” last minute diner, aperitivo, cancellations, laziness and so on.

Retreats are the chance to deepen your practice, and whether you are complete beginner or a confirmed practionner, it will bring your practice to the next level, like you would never will in your day to day life. Why ?

First teacher is already there, so no excuses to skip on the class. Second and probably the most important thing, most retreats will make you practice twice daily. What are the chances you find time, motivation, energy and a dedicated instructor to practice that much in your regular life? You practice more than you would ever believe, not only you make huge progresses without even feeling like it’s an effort, but you break your brains’ habits by putting new ones; Through the week, you get used to : wake up, practice, practice then go to a quiet night. It changes your comfortable reference by pushing you out of your comfort zone and recreate new healthy habits; Human beings are all about “habits”, so by the end of the week, you are craving for your classes & feel totally “cool” about it.

3. Discover beautiful and exotic country

Discover beautiful and exotic country

Most of the retreats are located in magical places of the world; Mine are mainly in Asia for now and that’s the occasion to discover a landscape full of beauties and new adventures.

In Thailand, in between classes we offer activities that varies from boat trip into the wild islands, to hiking into the forest, temples visits, swim into fresh waterfalls, feed monkeys and elephants and much more. Beauty is everywhere in Thailand, from fresh orchids in the garden, to endless white sand beaches, it’s also part of the “mind” calmness and huge release that you looking for in a retreat. The “free” time for sightseeing or just resting at the beach will feed you with unforgettable memories.